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The British Columbia Federation Of Drift Fishers was formed in March 1996 by a group of concerned anglers who felt that their chosen method of angling was in jeopardy. The Federation has grown to be recognized as the voice of British Columbia's river anglers. Protection of the resource is our primary concern. The Federation is committed to working with other similar minded organizations and government agencies, whose goals parallel our own. Concerned anglers who wish to preserve anadromous fish stocks for future generations should consider joining the Federation: your voice can make a difference! We sit on over 15 Provincial boards or committees including the main board of the sports fish advisory board. If you fish B.C. Rivers, please consider joining us, your voice alone is quiet, but collectively we are heard!

Protecting the rights and opportunities of river fishermen and the conservation of anadromous fish stocks and resources.



  • Promote ethical fishing practices

  • Develop our youth as the future stewards of the resource

  • Representation on all major provincial boards and committees, both government and stakeholder

  • Input on current and future regulation changes

  • Participant in Family Fishing Days

  • Affordable and growing membership

  • Protection and enhancement of steelhead and salmon stocks

  • United voice working in conjunction with other similar minded organizations

  • Preserving angling opportunities for our children and grand children

  • We represent you as the "Voice" of river anglers



  • To promote and protect the interests of drift fishers and other user groups.

  • To assist in the conservation, protection, and enhancement of all anadromous trout, salmonids, and other fresh water trout.

  • To support and collaborate with all appropriate government, environmental, and other agencies, who pursue similar goals and objectives.

  • To foster an appreciation of all fish stocks, and promote a responsible Code of Ethics through education and encouragement of all sportsman-like attitudes and conduct.

  • The operations of the society are to be carried out in the province of British Columbia.

  • The society shall operate without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or accretions to it, shall be used in promoting its purpose.

  • In the event of dissolution of this society, any remaining assets remaining after payment of debts and obligations shall be distributed to other organizations fostering similar and parallel objectives as deemed acceptable to the majority of the former directors of the society.




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"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Henry David Thoreau




There is a diverse range of freshwater sport fishing experiences and settings, from char, salmon and trout angling the Arctic drainage of the Peace region to bar fishing for white sturgeon on the Fraser River . . . from spectacular westslope cutthroat experiences in the Kootenays to world class rainbow on the fly on small interior lakes . . . from steelhead angling on world class rivers to the kids next door fishing in a local stream . . . fishing in British Columbia is part of our lifestyle and our culture.



- Play the fish as quickly as possible.
- Prior to landing, look for a suitable site free of sand, where you can ease the fish into.
- Remove woolen gloves, as they remove the fish's protective slime, which promotes disease.
- Leave the fish in the water, don't slide it up the bank.
- Never remove the fish from the water in freezing conditions.
- Don't force the hook out. If it can't be easily removed, cut the leader near the hook- It will fall out in a few days.
- Never try removing a hook lodged in the fish's tongue or gill- cut the leader near the hook.
- Never poke a finger in the fish's gills, or lift it by the gills.
- After removing a hook, face the fish upright into the current. - - When the fish is able to swim away on its own, release it to swim out of your hands.
- If a photo is desired, quickly lift fish up (not longer than 5 seconds out of the water) holding it under the pectoral fins, and the other hand supporting the wrist of the tail.
- Fish kept out of the water for more than 30 seconds will almost certainly suffer brain damage, and may not survive.