Catch and Release Tips

Play the fish as quickly as possible.
Prior to landing, look for a suitable site free of sand, where you can ease the fish into.
Remove woolen gloves, as they remove the fish's protective slime, which promotes disease.
Leave the fish in the water, don't slide it up the bank.
Never remove the fish from the water in freezing conditions.
Don't force the hook out. If it can't be easily removed, cut the leader near the hook- It will fall out in a few days.
Never try removing a hook lodged in the fish's tongue or gill- cut the leader near the hook.
Never poke a finger in the fish's gills, or lift it by the gills.
After removing a hook, face the fish upright into the current. When the fish is able to swim away on its own, release it to swim out of your hands.
If a photo is desired, quickly lift fish up (not longer than 5 seconds out of the water) holding it under the pectoral fins, and the other hand supporting the wrist of the tail.
Fish kept out of the water for more than 30 seconds will almost certainly suffer brain damage, and may not survive.

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